Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission Releases New Regulations To Govern ICO Operations


The world of digital currency is already being subjected to some sort of regulation or the other. This is to ensure the security of transactions making use of digital currencies and also to curtail the activities of cryptocurrency exchanges thus bringing about transparency and efficiency to the overall working of these exchanges. In line with

Different Auto Forex Trading Systems That Actually Work and Their Features


There are several forex trading systems which work on automated basis and are used by many traders presently. Automated forex trading reduces the risks associated with online trading and increases returns on investment. We will analyze some of the popular systems used nowadays in automated forex trading such as ProFx 2.0, EA Shark 6.0, FX Pulse 1.0, EA Sigma 4.0 and

“Trademy” | Live Trading Room 03.07.18 – Full Session

"Trademy" Trading Academy - Live Trading Room |

 Trademy Trading Academy Published on Jul 3, 2018 is a new trading education and academy service. The website, videos and live trading room are operated by highly trained trading experts and mentors such as Kyriakos Charilaou and Elif Kundakci. Twitter: Facebook: